Hello everyone and a warm welcome on Scallionist!

Who am I? 

My name is Aimée, I’m 21 and have lived most of my life in the city of lights. I love Paris for approximately everything but mostly for its endless and incredible food options! I have always been passionate about culinary arts which drove me to study Hospitality Management in Switzerland for more than 3 years. It gave me the opportunity to live in Barcelona and London, an amazing experience which helped my personal development. I cook on a daily basis and enjoy creating and sharing new recipes with everyone interested! The quality of what I eat has always interested me both considering its environmental impact and nutritional value. I also spend some time finding the new trendy restaurants in Paris which you will be able to discover in my lifestyle section.

Why Scallionist? 

Very simply because I love scallions 🙂 I wanted the blog’s name to represent food, green and freshness! Scallionist aims to have you discover the flexitarian lifestyle through recipes, articles and sharing my favourite food spots in Paris and elsewhere.

Why flexitarianism? 

A flexitarian diet basically consists in a high intake of plant-based proteins which will present a perfect substitute to animal ones. Fruits and vegetables are integrated in most of the meals, processed food is almost entirely excluded, sugar consumption is reduced and overall quality prevails.

More than preventing from specific diseases (diabetes, cholesterol…), a flexitarianism diet provides all nutrients required for a well balanced diet. However, this is only a facet of it. Being flexitarian usually integrates a desire for improved sustainability. Preserving the planet’s ressources is one of today’s main stakes which prevails in my everyday life. The occidentals tend to over-consume animal proteins which leads to extensive farming and reduces fishery ressources to answer the continually growing demand. However, what usually is not said is that the quality is inevitably altered.

Finally, flexitarians usually tend to respect the seasonality of the products they use. Global warming, transportation and chemicals are disturbing the natural process on our planet providing us with raspberries on the Parisian markets from February to November when it should only last for the summer season. Why? Because they either come from a foreign country or are artificially yielded. So when you select your groceries think Seasonal, Local and Quality ! What tends to be good for the planet, tends to be good for you.

I will try all along my posts to provide some accurate elements to help you find your way into this responsible and non-frustrating lifestyle!

Enjoy reading!


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